Bee Arr Bee

I love the shirts at . They’re not all winners, but in general they’re so creative and nerdy.  

Deliciously nerdy.

For example:

Hang On, Nobody Simply Walk Into Mordor for a Second

Who wouldn’t find that hilarious? It’s awesome!

And my favorite shirt at the moment:

Acquired Taste

Everyone from kids to adults laughs and comments on this shirt when I wear it. I’m not even into zombies, but that’s the cutest freaking zombie ever.

I’ve bought quite a few of these, if not for me, then for the geeks in my life — of which there are many. (I’m sure they’re sick of the silly shirts by now, but that won’t stop me!)

I haven’t come up with anything nearly as awesome as those shirts above, but, when inspiration hits I have been trying to see if I can draw up something. If it turns out okay, then I try to see how it would look on some items in a Cafe Press shop.

My coworker and I came up with this idea just based off of chatting on IM:

click the picture to view the collection

It’s silly, but I was happy with how cute it came out! It came out well on a variety of things – mugs, shirts, hats, bags. (Yes, this is a totally shameless plug. But, it’s slightly less shameless if you admit to it, right? LOL)

I ended up buying a tote bag with the design just to check out how it looks printed (since someone might purchase one of them, I don’t want them getting something that doesn’t look nice). It is a really good sized bag, and the graphics came out very crisp and clear. It might just be my new favorite tote bag. 🙂

zoomed in view of the printed canvas

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