July 4 Cupcake Burgers

I’ve been dying to try this adorable tutorial from Bakerella for mini-burgers… that are actually cupcakes + brownies.

We had a party on July 4, so it seemed like a great time to try it.

Unfortunately (why do my posts always start this way?) I realized that morning that we were out of eggs. And, overestimating my ability to substitute other things for eggs, I ended up making (1) really hard, completely gross brownie-brick-like thing, and (24) incredibly dense and sticky things resembling cupcakes. (Isn’t that sad? I swear I can do basic baking.)

People, when you’re out of eggs, go get eggs. Or bug a neighbor. Or find a chicken. Whatever you need to do.

Being stubborn, I ran out and got eggs and more mixes. And some pre-made brownies because I was running out of time. (I know, I know… )

On the second try, things baked up like they should. And assembly went fairly quickly. The end result?

Some completely adorable mini burgers (that tasted fabulous)!

And sugar-cookie fries.

YUM! Even hubby thought they were cool, and that’s pretty remarkable. Most of these craft projects aren’t really that exciting to him. LOL.

They were a hit at the party. I can’t take any credit for the creativity, but I guess given some second chances and all, I can sorta follow directions…? Ha!

Hope your weekend was a blast!

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