I was showing a coworker some Photoshop tricks the other day, and just talking about it got me interested in playing around in there again. (It’s been awhile.) He’s working on a really nice scrapbook for his kids after their recent trip to Disney, so he’s been working hard at picking photos and creating backgrounds and layouts.

I used to have a really big collection of shapes, brushes and cool fonts that I lost in a hard drive accident (forgot to back those up), so it was frustrating just using the basic ones that come with Photoshop and Windows. So, I downloaded a whole bunch of brushes from one of the awesomest sites around, deviantArt. If you’ve never been there, and you like to tinker with Photoshop, go now and look around at all the great downloads. I think they’re all free, as long as it’s for personal (non-commercial) use.

Anyways, here’s a wallpaper that resulted from me tinkering with some of the brushes I found. I call it,”I Found New Photoshop Brushes.” Clever, huh?

It’s in widescreen format so hopefully it looks OK on a normal monitor, too.

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